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For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional

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Next-Level Content

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Concierge Support

  • WholeLifeRx™
    • Lifestyle medicine program
    • Virtual platform
    • Practice building benefits
    • Connect with patients
  • Nimativ®
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Event Registration
    • Landing Pages
    • Mobile App
    • Contact Management
  • WholeLifeQ™
    • A nutritional assessment questionnaire 
  • eStoreRx™
    • Your online supplement dispensary
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Premium Training Courses

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  • WholeLifeRx™ Training
    • Help your patients "reclaim their health" with the WholeLifeRx Lifestyle Program
  • 5 Part Kickstart
    • Nimativ Basics, Defining Your Business,Webinars 101, Setting Campaigns and Refine & Launch
  • Marketing Success Program
    • Learn to make a successful marketing plan
  • Social Media Masterclass
    • Why you should invest in your social media
    • Strategies to build your personal brand
    • Cultivate engagement and growth
  • Private Label 101 (coming summer 2022)
    • Learn how to name products, get clear on label design, market products online, and so much more!

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A 12-week lifestyle medicine program built within a virtual platform, WholeLifeRx provides clinical benefits to your patients and virtual practice-building tools for your practice. Built on 5 pillars of health, the program offers lifestyle modification tips to your patients in a platform that helps expand the influence of your practice.


nimativ® Software

nimativ® Software

nimativ is a turnkey marketing software tool designed for healthcare professionals. All of your content marketing is found in this single platform including health campaigns, email storage, text messaging, social media posts, done-for-you webinars and even live support for your technical questions. With nimativ, you can digitize your marketing plan, improve communication with your patients, experience greater exposure to build your business and even increase revenue..




An online supplement dispensary for easy direct-to-patient ordering, eStoreRx can be branded to your practice with products you select. Some of the many extra benefits not found in other estore platforms include the option to bundle select products, offer discount codes, provide an auto-ship option, and allow you to share direct-to-product links that make purchasing just one click away.




WholeLifeQ is an online nutritional assessment tool that identifies the clinical needs of patients and monitors their health progress. Simply share the questionnaire link with your patients. Their responses provide valuable clinical information including a symptom burden chart and analysis. In addition, WholeLifeQ offers personalized supplement recommendations, customizable forms and a food and feeling log.


Practice Success Programs

Practice Success Programs

At Biotics Research, we understand our ultimate role is to support you, our healthcare practitioners. We strive to be your partner in building successful practices so you can ultimately provide the best care for your patients.

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