Biotics Research Webinars

Wellness Works Webinars are FREE one-hour presentations featuring up-to-date topics of interest by a variety of knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Diabetes Mellitus- Insulin Resistance and the Paradox of Obesity Caused by Nutritional Deficiency- Part 1

A New Look at Allergies with a Holistic Approach

The Latest Clinical Research on Hypertension- Part 2

Integrative Assessment Technique- How to Bridge Nutritional Biochemistry with a Bio-Energetic Model

Science-based Detoxification Strategies- Part 2- Advanced Concepts to Combat the Epidemics of Autoimmunity and Diabetes

Essential Fatty Acids- Why Every Patient Needs Them

Improving the Health of Your Patients and the Health of Your Practice with the Biotics Balance from ZYTO

Fatigue- Addressing the Most Common Patient Complaint

Injury Inflammation & Pain Relief- What To Do First Next and Last with an emphasis on insulin's role in EFA metabolism

Injury Inflammation & Pain Relief- The Trace Mineral Connection

Dr Bob's Trans Fat Survival Guide- What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

Pain and Inflammation- A Cutting Edge Approach