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07 Jun

Biotics Research announces the NeuTropic™ product line!

Biotics Research is pleased to announce the NeuTropic™ products, a new product line featuring three new formulas! Specifically targeting various aspects of the nervous system, these formulas focus mainly on neurological function. These three products work by various means, but ultimately target neurotransmitters and the optimal functioning of the receptors in the brain.
09 Nov

Biotics Research announces Red Yeast Rice!

A new product for your Cardiovascular Health!
developed in conjunction with Dr. Mark Houston





23 Jun

Biotics Research announces UT Complex™!

A New Product to support Urinary Tract Health

17 May

Control-IT™ Kit Now Available with NutriClear®

Due to the enormous success of the Control-IT Weight Management System, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a second flavor option: Nutriclear Original Flavor. This is the original Nutriclear that you know and love, now available in the Control-IT kit. For your patients who may prefer a non-stevia or non-flavored option, Nutriclear Original is the way to go. (Please note that Nutriclear Original contains fructose) Please be sure to specify to your customer service representative which flavor kit you would like when placing your order.

11 Mar

Biomega-3™ Liquid Announcement

Biotics Research Annouces Addition of Biomega-3™ Liquid to Product Offering

March 11, 2010