The Brain,the Gut and the Cell

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This is a clinically oriented presentation exploring the role of fatty acids to promote health and resilience, optimize brain function, and the management of various clinical disorders. This course will also explore the role of the brain to promote, control, and ultimately determine health and quality of life. The biochemistry of fatty acids and their role in cell function, and specifically neuron function, from neurodevelopment to neurogenesis, will be explored. Finally, attendees will appreciate the mechanisms of dementia and stroke, and learn powerful ways to mitigate what will be the epidemic with the highest economic, physical, social, and psychological cost.

Goals & Objectives
• Chronic disease and the role of the “inflammatory state” and fatty acid balance
• Specific dietary sources of fatty acids and the different actions within the body
• How cellular function (including neurons) are determined by fatty acid balance
• Describe how fatty acid imbalances of different types are linked to various clinical disorders
• Understand the role of the brain and brain function in health and quality of life
• Appreciate the burden of cognitive decline and describe mechanisms of development and prevention
• Become intimately familiar with powerful, yet simple and cost effective ways the health of the brain can be measured and why that is clinically significant for those trying to improve health.
• Define and describe the integration of brain-body throughout multiple organ systems
• Understand the connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract, its anatomy and physiology with respect to proper digestion, health and microbiome.

Program Topics
• The dysfunctional cell—what does it mean and how does it happen?
• Fatty acid biochemistry, inflammation, and pathogenesis of certain conditions
• Chronic disease burden in the US and Western world—the role of fatty acids in the diet
• The gastrointestinal tract and the pathogenesis of microbial dysfunction and connection to fatty acids
• Leaky gut and autoimmune disease and link to fatty acids and dietary microbial health
• Disease and dysfunction of the neuron with nutritional support for brain function
• General prevention and fatty acids for health maintenance
• The western diet and how to address deficiencies through “SMART” supplementation
• Dementia, brain health and fatty acids
• Cardiovascular disease - pathophysiology, cause and support
• Autoimmune disease - pathophysiology, cause and support
• Mental illness - pathophysiology, cause and support

Event Speaker: 

Daniel Johnston, MD

LTC Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH is board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and serves currently for the Army Surgeon General and performs clinical duties at the US Pentagon in Executive Medicine (disclaimer: these opinions belong to Dr. Johnston and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Army or US Government). He has served in the US Army for almost 20 years in a variety of clinical, research, operational and educational assignments.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:30am to 6:00pm
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Biotics Research Corporation


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