Link Specific Supplementation to Brain Function with Objective Assessments

Link Specific Supplementation to Brain Function with Objective Assessments

Biotics Research has partnered with BrainSpan™ to bring a powerful nutritional and functional brain health assessment to your practice - complete with critical supplementation recommendations!

Optimal health requires that focus be placed on improving the cellular health and function of the nervous system. BrainSpan™’s assessment quantifies two types of neurological health: 
1) Cell nutritional health - using a home blood spot test to measure four fatty acid biomarkers.
2) Functional brain health - using a 15-minute interactive online test to measure attention, memory, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility.
The structural portion measures the nutritional health of the cell membrane and the functional portion objectively measures how efficiently the brain is organizing and regulating its functions. The Cellular Health™ assessment is based on over 100 peer-reviewed studies.

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